Friends of REPS

The Friends of REPS Committee are looking forward to a great year of communication, collaboration and creative discussion. The Friends of REPS was initiated in 2016 to build community among our REPS families and a forum for encouraging thoughts and support to be offered and shared.

Friends of REPS - Constitution

The minimum number of committee members is six

  • The Principal
  • A member of REPS Administrative Team
  • A teacher
  • Three parents, representing Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary

The objectives of the Friends of REPS is to

  • Develop effective relationships between staff, parents and stakeholders
  • Engage in activities, provide facilities, or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the students


Committee members have the following powers, to use to achieve the objectives (above):

To provide advice
To raise funds
To organize or assist with school events


Parents/guardians of any REPS student, teaching and non-teaching staff at REPS. Membership can be terminated if:

  • The Member resigns
  • The Committee may exclude anyone who might bring the Friends of REPS into disrepute


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is called annually. The purpose of AGM meetings may include:

  • Issue resolution (which will be decided by a majority vote by the members present). Every member has one vote per issue. The Chair has a casting vote where a vote is tied
  • Electing the committee members, who serve for one year
  • Discussion of any issues of policy or dealing with any other business put before them
  • Nominations for election to the Committee (which may be made by any Member of the Friends of REPS)


  • The Committee can decide the number of times it needs to meet to carry out its work
  • At least four members of the Committee should be present for the committee meeting to be valid


  • The Committee must keep proper records, such as accurate minutes of meetings as well as any financial accounts

REPS welcomes applications for the FOR Committee for 2017-8. Please complete the application here and email to or hand in to Front Office before May 31st 2017.