REPS Scholarships

REPS Scholarships

In 2016, REPS Scholarships are available for up to 50%.
You may also be eligible to receive a sibling discount of up to 20%.

Freshman Academic Scholarship (start of M1)

Freshman Academic Scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate a strong record of academic excellence in one or more core subjects. Students must also show a high level of commitment to the REPS core values - knowledge character and leadership. Academic scholars may also be considered for place offers into the competitive Gifted and Talented (G & T) Program.

Academic Scholarship (start of M4)

The Academic Scholarship evaluates the academic record and personal accomplishments of our admitted students in M3 before moving into upper Secondary M4-M6. Academic scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate a strong record of academic excellence in the previous academic year/s and on the Scholarship Assessment test.

Sports Scholarship (M1-M6)

The Sports Scholarship is reserved solely for students who excel in one or more sports at a competitive level. An academic scholar may also be eligible for a Sports Scholarship. Students must be both competent and eager to participate in the wide range of opportunities available at the school and respect the philosophy and rules that govern the School.

Students who are awarded a Sport Scholarship will be expected to compete in all school competitions.

To be eligible candidates must:

  • Complete the academic ability assessment and or sports assessment provided by the school
  • Have earned a GPA in the previous academic year of minimum 3.5 (academics) and/or 3 for sports
  • Meet and sign the conditions of the Agreement for Scholarship

In some instances Scholarships in any part of the school may be awarded at the Principal’s discretion.