School Services

School Services

Bus Provision

The REPS Bus Service

REPS runs a comprehensive bus service with over 20 buses in our fleet. Each bus has a licensed driver and a bus monitor. We have a one child per seat policy and our monitors are told to be strict in ensuring students wear their seat belts at all times during the journey to and from school. There is also a student representative on each but who brings any bussing issues to the attention of senior staff.

Safety is important and so students who misbehave or refuse to wear their seat belts will be warned and eventually banned from using the bus service. Bus providers have been issued with a strict code of conduct to ensure the safety of our students. They are periodically monitored to ensure that they are adhering to policy.

Bus Routes

The School bus routes for Rayong and Chonburi are:

  • Pattaya / Naklua / Soi Saim Country Club / Mabpachan Lake
  • Najomtien / Bangsarae/ BanAumphur
  • Kao Cheejan
  • Sattahip / Km.10
  • Rayong /Tabma / Mabka / Nikom
  • Mabtapud/ Huay Pong
  • Banchang/ Neonkraprok /Namrin Beach
  • St. Andrew’s golf course

More information

First Aid/Sick Bay

We have a new fully equipped, centrally located Sick Bay, which is permanently manned by a qualified nurse during school hours. A school vehicle is always on hand to take any emergency cases to hospital.
A t least one qualified nurse is always present during sports tournaments and other such events.
All students are covered by accident insurance which is arranged by the school and REPS is sanitized thoroughly on a regular basis to limit the spread of infectious diseases. We also have periodic mosquito spraying after school for the same reason.


All meals are prepared by our own staff at the school canteen. There is a Catering Manager, employed to ensure that the meals are nutritious and provide a balanced diet for our students.

There has been considerable refurbishment of the Canteen and its equipment in recent months, with the aim of ensuring that our students get health, warm food each day.

Uniform Shop

This is located next to the Front Office and is open daily during school hours. Our staff are always willing to assist you in ensuring that your child has the correct uniform and sports kit.


Nursery casual dress for boys


Nursery casual dress for girls


Nursery casual dress


Kindergarten Student (male)


Kindergarten Student (female)


Kindergarten PE kit


Lower Primary Uniform (Male)


Lower Primary Uniform (Female)


Lower Primary Trips and Visits Kit


Lower Primary PE Kit


Upper Primary Uniform (Male)


Upper Primary Uniform (Female)


Upper Primary Trips and Visits Kit

Upper Primary PE Kit


Lower Secondary Uniform (Male)


Lower Secondary Uniform (Female)


Lower Secondary Trips and Visits Kit


Lower Secondary PE Kit


Upper Secondary Uniform (Male)


Upper Secondary Uniform (Female)


Upper Secondary Trips and Visits Kit


Upper Secondary

PE Kit

scouts Uniform Girls (M1-M3)

Scouts Uniform Female


Scouts Uniform Boys (M1-M3)

Scouts Uniform Male



Scouts Uniform Male


scouts Uniform Girls (P4-P6)

Scouts Uniform Female



Military Service Uniform