Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal

I am pleased to announce the launch of Rayong English Programme School’s new website! This website is easier to navigate and contains more comprehensive information related to the school and its operation. There are still some areas that are under construction, so we ask for your patience as we continue to refine and update our content.

Just like our website, the school has undergone many developments since it opened in 2004. Over this time we have expanded the school’s capacity to more than 800 students, moved onto the current campus and constructed the buildings that now house our teaching facilities. We are very proud of our excellent new sports facilities and the state of the art Kindergarten building that was opened in 2015. We have established annual professional development plans for our teachers, continuously enhanced our curriculum and added new support and enrichment teaching positions and programs for our students; including in-class and one-to-one learning support for students who may need a little extra help in English, Thai, Math or Science, as well as a Math and Science Gifted and Talented Program for students who are of high ability and are looking for an extra challenge. At REPS we do not only teach to the mainstream class, we take care of all our students by offering individualized learning. We believe that all students can succeed, if we meet their needs and ability.

Many people have commented that throughout this period, and with the growth that the school has witnessed, there is a continued sense of family and belonging. The strength of the bond between the school, its teachers, students and alumni is extraordinary. Seeing the accomplishments of our alumni gives us reassurance that our mission,"to offer equal opportunities for all students to develop in a supportive environment through our unique dual-language curriculum, utilising the best of Thai and international methods," is in fact being fulfilled.

The educational process at REPS is fully bilingual with classes being delivered in English and Thai. It gives children aged three or more, an opportunity to learn in supportive bilingual environment. A varied list of sports, arts and social activities further contribute to the curriculum to further build on the proven advantages of bilingual programmes.

REPS continues to aim for the best services possible to all our stakeholders and to be a leader in the region’s education sector. I invite prospective parents to come and have a look at what we offer and how we operate.


Tia Duffy



REPS offers equal opportunities for all students to develop in a supportive environment through our unique dual-language curriculum , utilising the best of Thai and international methods.


REPS aspires to continue its pursuit towards being the best dual language school in the region.