Kindergarten 3

Kindergarten 3

Early Childhood Education is about...

Building physical & emotional resilience

Developing self-worth & self-confidence

Developing character & values – having a compass to guide us

Our curriculum incorporates current and advanced global practices in early childhood education. We maintain an environment where children are empowered to celebrate their different backgrounds and diversity as they are supported to maximize their potentials and strengths as they learn, grow and play together.

Kindergarten 3

Core Components


Areas Covered

Physical and Social


Exercise Activities (P.E.)


Playing and working together

Sharing and caring

Exploring and discovery

Free play

Cultural Studies

Life experiences

Character Development

Motor Skills

Development of gross motor skills - strength and coordination

Development of fine motor skills - writing skills

Language Skills

Story Telling

3+ letter blending - consonant/vowel/consonant

Consonant Digraphs - sh/th/ch

Number words

Months of the year

Introduction to basic sentence writing and comprehension.


Number recognition, values and counting up to 1000

Number writing up to 1000

Number sequencing

Addition and subtraction

Comparing numbers - greater than/less than/equal to

Music and Movement

(Topic area related)

Singing and dancing

Action songs


Visual and Creative Arts

(Topic area related)

Arts – Painting, colouring and drawing

Creative writing

Crafts – creating


(Topic area related)

ICT with ipad activities

Introduction of mouse and keyboard skills