Early Childhood Education is about...

Sensory experiences, observing nature, having a sense of wonder and play.

At REPS Nursery varied opportunities are provided for your children to enjoy and express their learning in many ways.

Our curriculum incorporates current and advanced global practices in early childhood education. We maintain an environment where children are empowered to celebrate their different backgrounds and diversity as they are supported to maximize their potentials and strengths as they learn, grow and play together.

Nursery THAI Nursery ENGLISH
  • Thai Language begins with letters and pictures
  • Numbers 1-10 in Thai and English
  • Art, using crayons, colored paper, paint, play-dough and paint
  • Sing songs and learn dance movements to music
  • Sports, learning to run races and play different ball games
  • Playground games
  • All about Me and my world
  • Thai story time in the Library
  • English begins with ABC’s
  • Story-time in the Nursery Pod
  • Music with songs and actions
  • English Fun with games and puzzles
  • English in the Discovery Pods
  • Counting and numbers
  • Learning colors
  • iPad class in the ITC room