Welcome from the Head of Kindergarten

Welcome to REPS Nursery and Kindergarten

As a parent or guardian one of the most important decisions you make is where your child goes to school. Nursery and Kindergarten is often a child’s first experience being away from home and interacting with new schoolmates and teachers. At REPS we have a safe, caring, and joyful atmosphere to build a culture of trust and respect between teachers, children and parents. We believe children learn easiest when they are happy!

We are proud of our new purpose built Kindergarten and Nursery where your children are valued as special and unique individuals. Innovation and creativity is central in our early childhood educational program where we offer varied learning environments from the octagonal playground to the art and music room, discovery pods and a library as well as an ICT room with Apple iPads. Even the classrooms are themed and students change rooms each quarter.

We also offer a unique bilingual immersion environment where both Thai and English teachers encourage questioning, wondering and early problem solving, as one of the keys to early learning is creative and critical thinking. Children are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with emphasis on exploration and discovery in many different modalities.

Early childhood education is where the love of learning starts as children play, grow and learn together. With the support and guidance of warm, nurturing teachers, our students begin to socialize, relate to others, make new friends and experience being in groups beyond their family unit. From Nursery through K3 we teach valuable and necessary life skills that prepare our students for continual and successful learning throughout their school years.

We are always happy to assist your children in the training of their young minds. For the ongoing experiential journey we offer many different pathways for learning that integrate the differences in intelligences in order to help students learn more naturally.

We invite you to visit us and join REPS family where learning in Nursery and Kindergarten is Fun!


Rose Lee

Head of Kindergarten