Welcome from the Head of Primary

Welcome from the Head of Primary

We are very pleased and excited to welcome you to the Rayong English Programme School primary years!

These formative years of Primary School are a wonderful time in a child’s education and we embrace each for their individuality and creative abilities. Our unique bilingual programme is designed to provide every child with a diverse multi-cultural, cross curricula educational experience. Implementing the best classroom practices in both the Thai and English languages, it is our vision to open the doors of possibilities and provide the necessary skills for our children to become the future innovators of an ever changing international community.

Focusing on the development of our children socially, emotionally, physically and within the classroom, we offer a holistic approach to education. Our curriculum is designed to offer many exciting opportunities for our children in language arts, sciences, maths, sports, Thai & international culture, music, creative arts, history, health, scouts as well as free choice activity.

Cross curricula learning occurs in both Thai and English through our excellent language arts, science and maths programmes. Our dedicated and exceptional team of teachers encourage every child to learn with an open mind through exploration, problem solving, group based activities and creativity. We also provide additional support in both Thai and English where individual language skills can be focused on and further developed through one on one lessons to ensure the different needs of each child is met.

Whether your child has recently arrived from Kindergarten or is well on their way to becoming a future leader of the Secondary School, we are all here working together to ensure that each amazing individual is given our full support, encouragement and commitment as they forge their ways into the future.

Grant Gibson Head of Primary REPS

Grant Gibson

Head of Primary

Welcome from the Deputy Head of Primary

REPS is a unique bilingual learning and teaching environment. Our highly motivated, experienced international and Thai staff provides differentiated lessons directed for the needs of each individual student to make sure that they achieve their best. The ethos of every teacher is to put the students first in every decision made at REPS and to try and help develop successful students inside and outside the classroom. At REPS our aim is to help students achieve their goals through the 3 core values of Knowledge, Character, and Leadership that are carried well beyond their primary and secondary learning experience. With our hands on learning support teams, low student-to- teacher ratios, and amazing staff it is easy to see why REPS is the best bilingual schools in Thailand.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. The quote defines my thoughts on the core of instruction. An important aspect of education is learning through self-discovery. No matter if a student is solving a maths problem or writing an essay, a student should have a safe environment not only to succeed and achieve great things, but also to fail, struggle and continuously improve in all subject areas. In life some of the greatest lessons are given to us only through the multiple attempts of trying and retrying to solve a problem. This ability to show resolve and character to solve problems, and see them to their end, is one of the most important skills a student can have in the 21st century. Another is thinking adaptability. Students will need to have highly developed critical thinking skills to be competitive in the global job market. It is my job to help develop those thinking skills at a young age and to help students develop a questioning mindset to help solve problems on a day-to- day basis.

I have been very fortunate to be with REPS for 7 years and to see the amount of positive changes that have taken place over that time. The students at REPS are some of the most friendly and engaging students that I have had the pleasure to teach. The amount of progress that each student makes in both languages inside and outside the classroom is something that I am completely mesmerized by, but a full believer in after experiencing firsthand the amazing benefits of a top bilingual education. Also the upgrades to the REPS campus have made working at REPS such a pleasurable experience. It’s exciting to see the improvements come to life. But the cornerstone of what makes REPS a successful place is the hardworking and dedicated staff. Each member of staff is always striving to help students to become their best version. This same drive can be seen in each individual teacher trying to become better educators in a bilingual setting. The staff is in constant communication with each other to improve upon day-to- day lessons to large whole school projects to help bring the community of REPS together. It is exciting to be a part of such a great learning environment and I’m very much looking forward to the future of REPS in all its glory.

David Neuman

Deputy Head of Primary