Learning Support

Learning Support

REPS Secondary offers a range of Learning Support to meet each learner’s needs, if, and when, they need it.

Secondary Language Learning Support Program (English and/or Thai)

Within REPS Secondary we have a Learning Support Program, which aims to foster the English and/or Thai skills of our students, and develop the language skills of our struggling students or our new students who have not received the benefits of our bilingual education from a young age.  

Some students find some aspects of English or Thai difficult, whether it is reading comprehension, vocabulary building, or just speaking practice. Teachers within the Learning Support Program work closely with students in one-to-one sessions (once, twice or even three times per week) depending on the proficiency level of the student. As a part of the Secondary Languages Department, this program is closely monitored and there is much collaboration between the English teachers, the Thai Teachers and the Language Learning Support Teachers. 

Secondary Maths Learning Support Program

REPS Secondary Maths can be quite challenging!  Some learners need extra support to develop their skills or to gain speed and accuracy.  REPS created a Maths Learning Support Program to help these learners, but also to benefit all learners.   The primary goal is to enable everyone to participate more fully with their classmates in their regular math class.  Carefully selected learners are invited to work in a small group (or one-on-one) with a Maths teacher, allowing them to quickly expand their skills.  The support is customized to focus on the specific learning objective of each individual student.  

Increased success in math develops confidence and overall enjoyment in learning.   This program also gives the core subject teacher the flexibility to challenge all learners in the regular math class and achieve a deeper level of learning.  Everyone gains!

Secondary Science Learning Support Program

REPS Secondary science is quite a leap from Primary science. Our Science Learning Support Teacher is there to give in class support to students alongside the class teacher by building student confidence and science-safe competence in science experiments as well as providing necessary science literacy support.

Developing our students’ literacy and understanding is a chief responsibility of all our Secondary REPS teachers, however, in particular in science we use words from everyday English that may have a different meaning when used within a science context. Science support is of most significant importance in lower secondary, Mattayom 1.