Sports Achievements

Sports Achievements

The past month was a very busy month for our students competing in the Rayong Student Sport tournaments. From 15th August until the 16th September our students competed in Athletics, Football and Futsal against students from most schools in the Rayong province.

Our students performed extremely well against some very large schools and we are very proud of the way that all of our students conducted themselves and competed during each and every event.

REPS achieved the following places and medals in the tournament.

Athletics Boys and Girls

1 100 M Girl U15 Bronze medal
2 4x100M Girl U15 Bronze medal
3 Shot put Boy U15 Silver medal
4 800 M Girl U18 Silver medal
5 800 M Girl U18 Gold medal
6 Long jump Girl U15 Gold medal
7 400 M Girl U15 Gold medal
8 400 M Girl U18 Gold medal
9 4x100M Girl U18 Gold medal
10 4x400M Girl U18 Gold medal
11 Girls U18 Number 1 in Rayong

Team Sports

1 Football Girl U18 Silver medal
2 Futsal Girl U18 Gold medal