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REPS School Business Team

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Phattasuk Phu onsri (Nok) - School Business Administrator

I was pleased to accept the new role of Rayong English Programme Schools School Business Administrator in September 2017, working closely with the Principal to oversee Front Admissions, Front Accounts, Uniforms, Inventory, the School Nurse and Medical, and the School Ministry of Education Committee.

I am a firm believer that strong communication, every day, and in every way, and strongly supporting and collaborating with the academic team contributes greatly to the success of our school. Good communication is at the heart of great teamwork. When great teams communicate well and often, their members are happy to share ideas, brainstorm together, ask for feedback, and be contradicted. We adopt a supportive matter-of-fact demeanor and are approachable with any questions our prospective parents, students or staff may have. My experience as a REPS parent and my qualifications in teaching and in management have been exceptionally advantageous to my new role and I really appreciate the chance to be part of REPS future with great teachers, wonderful parents, successful students, and hardworking support staff. After all, REPS is the benchmark for the best bilingual education in Thailand, Asia, and the world.

School Business Team Vision
As a premier team, we aim to support the REPS Vision to be the best bilingual school in Thailand.

School Business Team Mission
Our mission is to be poised in the face of challenges, empower and enable one another to create a positive presence, a productive working environment, and provide exceptional service to our REPS families.
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Phanlapha Khotchaseni (Sine) - Deputy School Business Administrator

REPS Rayong School Business Administrator K. Sine
Sine, having recently joined REPS School Business Team in January 2017, has excelled. Sine has a background in Business Management. Sine’s role predominantly involves overseeing the smooth running of the Admissions Office and her responsibilities include admissions and new intake of students, student and medical records maintenance, preparation of student and family visas, insurance claims, and all formal school documentation including student certificates and transcripts. I also work closely with K.Vi for the semesterly issuing of invoices, including tuition fees, school buses.

Nuttakul Thammakesorn (Fern) - Personal Assistant to the Principal, Senior Leadership Team Support, and Departmental Leadership Team Support

K.Fern REPS Rayong
Fern is the newest member of the School Business Team and joined us in the position of Personal Assistant to the Principal and Senior Leadership Team Support, including the Head of Departments of Nursery-Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary. Fern works very closely with all members of the Senior Leadership Teams, foreign and thai and is exceptionally organised so she enjoys the fast pace of continuous improvements and education projects at REPS. Fern spent more than 4 years in Australia, having completed her studies in management before returning to Thailand to raise her daughter Alice. Fern has been on the School Business Team for nearly one year and has contributed directly with major improvements in communication across the school.

Supaporn Nudkrathok (Ead) - Senior Leadership Team Support and Departmental Liaison

Ead started out at REPS in May 2010 as the Maintenance and Maid Coordinator before moving onto positions as the School Registrar, Marketing Coordinator, and Office Manager. Anew, Ead accepted a position working closely with Fern as Senior Leadership Team Support and Departmental Liaison. Ead studied Business Administration during her time at university. On a daily basis Ead juggles conflicting priorities and multiple tasks as well as schedules meetings, liaises with the Senior Leadership Teams, Human Resources, and other internal departments such as Purchasing and Accounts.

Juthamat Koopanuwat (Kat) - Front Admissions Assistant, Marketing, Advertising, and Parent and Public Relations

K.Kat Reps Rayong
K.Kat has been working at REPS for nearly one year now. Before REPS she completed her degree in Global Business Communication and worked in the field. In her position she is one of the first faces you may see at our school. She focuses on customer service and satisfaction, school marketing, advertising and public relations. She is also the School Bus Coordinator, and Social Media Coordinator. Daily she is in communication with parents, students, teachers and visitors.

Rafael Fuentes Bagsic (Rafael) - Front Admissions Assistant and Parent and Public Relations

Rafael REPS Rayong
Rafael banded with Rayong English Programme School in 2015 having previously worked at REPS partner school Garden International School, Rayong. Rafael is responsible for assisting parents, students and visitors, reporting on and tracking attendance and campus visitors as well as working together with K.Kat for school marketing, advertising and public relations to promote the schools quality education both locally and internationally.

Eden Torres (Nurse Eden) - School Nurse

Eden, a registered nurse and a professional teacher, started working at REPS in May 2013, as a Primary Reading Support Teacher and then as the School Nurse. Since May 2015, she shifted into a full time position as the School Nurse to cope with the needs of the rapidly growing REPS families. Her main responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- providing first aid and nursing care to students who are injured or become sick during school hours
- referring cases to contact hospitals in cases of serious accidents
- promoting and assisting in the control of communicable diseases
- liaising effectively with Front Office Staff, teachers, and Head of Departments
- providing health assessments, promoting and protecting optimal health status of students and staff
- receiving, storing and administering medications sent in by parents
- ensuring that everything the children need for their health and well-being is provided, clean and serviceable, replenished, replaced or repaired as necessary
- providing health education and anticipatory guidance to all as the need arises
- and ensuring that the school Health and Sickness Policy and First Aid Room Policy are applicable and implemented fairly to all

REPS Front Accounts, Uniforms, and Inventory

Vi and Kant have both been at REPS since June 2006 followed by Phueng in 2013. Together Vi, Karn, and Pheung, take care of our families through the invoicing of tuition fees, extra classes and summer school fees, and bus costs, production of receipts and tracking of bank transfers, and the trying on and sizing of uniforms. If your child is needing to purchase any replacement books or you are needing to make payment for any trips, visits, or competitions, it is this team that will help you through the transaction smoothly.

K. Kant

K.Kant REPS Rayong

K. Vi

K.Vi REPS Rayong

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