Welcome From The Head of PE and Scouts

Welcome from the Head of PE and Scouts

The Sports and Scouts Department at Rayong English Programme School (REPS) focuses on
providing students with the necessary physical activity to develop each child’s age appropriate physical,
mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, including health. We believe that participation in sports is a
privilege and our team together with the school leadership teams holds all student athletes to the highest
of standards on the field and both inside and outside of their academic studies and the classroom.

REPS sports and scouts syllabus includes individual athletics as well as team sports. Students learn skills for
football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, track and field and much more. Our teams are
fortunate to compete in both the Eastern Seaboard Athletics Conference (ESAC) sports fixtures within the
international school circuit as well as the Thai Rayong Sports fixtures circuit, both for Primary and
Secondary students of all ages.

I am very passionate about sports and what sports can offer in conjunction with an impressive
academic program. I feel strongly that athletics and sports involvement, being part of team, teaches our
students much about life. Students learn to live with others, respect rules, and share common goals. They
gain concentration, determination, patience, and practice control of emotions. They develop flair,
breakthrough obstacles, and mature in confidence. Sports build discipline, self-esteem, character, and
develops ones understanding of teamwork while cultivating a strong work ethic. REPS sports allows
students to test and strengthen their physical fitness. In doing so, our students progresses their overall
life-long learning.

As a school that believes in the importance of health and safety, athletics and sport involvement
also reduces the risk of illness and disease – something that we all should strive for. We always encourage
our students to attend sporting events within the school and out of school and meet and learn from new
players and friends. We appreciate our REPS families support and encourage you to continue supporting
our student-athletes and coaches. While we appreciate the fulfillment of a win on the field, we also want
to develop young adults of integrity and good character.

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Mr Adisorn Donpanas

Head of P.E. and Scouts